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More Replicapes + new Octoprint and Redeem packages

CircuitCo just sent the shipment notification for 48 shiny new Replicapes, so they will be in store in a couple of days!
With this batch we’ll also offer FedEx shipping at 70% discount.

In other news, Octoprint 1.1.0 was recently pushed to master and I’ve update the package feed with the latest changes. The most important news is the support for multiple extruders. Here is the complete list.

Redeem has also gone through a couple of changes, most important is an accelertion bug that was found by Boris Lašič and fixed by Mathieu Monney. I’ve therefore tagged version 0.15.0 of Redeem and pushed it to the package feed. I’ve also put these two changes into a new Thing-image (BBB-flasher) which is now available for download: http://wiki.thing-printer.com/index.php?title=Thing_image

Furthermore, I’ve made a flow chart for anyone getting started with Replicape. It can be a daunting task to know the ins and outs of a new system and even just getting some steppers to move. In my opinion the easiest way to get going is to flash the BBB with the Thing image, but if you are more comfortable with the (pre-installed) Debian image, this chart should help with that.

I’ll try to get a Pip package made for easy installation on Debian, it shouldn’t be too much hazzle and it is high on my todo list : )

Also, the zeroth revision of Reason, a hall effect end stop sensor, has been sent in for prototyping. It works with 3.3 V and uses linear hall effect sensors with a comparator, so position can be tuned with a trim pot.

Along with the Reason sensors, Rev A4 of Manga Screen was sent in for prototyping. This has addressed the issue of connector placement, so hopefully this will save some space. I’ve also added a second connector for the digitizer, useful for making custom touch screens.

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