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New BBB flasher with kernel 3.14, Native path planner and a web UI

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The last weeks have been spend making a new BeagleBone Black flasher image, one with an updated kernel, the latest Redeem and a whole lot of graphics goodies. The image with instructions can be found here.

The most important changes from the last image is the native path planner in Redeem. Mathieu Monney has done an incredible job in porting some of the code from Repetier firmware and adapting it to the PRUs on the BBB.Becuse of the, Redeem had to adapt the GPL 3 license. Toggle has also gone through some changes, and has been re-written in Python to ease the development. And finally the beginning of a Web UI has emerged allowing selection of configuration file and seeing the status of Redeem, Toggle and Octoprint. It’s still early for the thing-frontend (Web UI), but the idea is that this will be the start of a great UX for anyone using Replicape for the first time. So now, all the BSP packages (Redeem, Toggle, Octoprint and Thing-frontend) are written in Python for easy and effortless hacking directly on the BeagleBone.

* Yocto 1.6 (2014.06)

* 3.14.14 with Capemgr

* Redeem 0.14.3 — The Replicape Daemon (Native path planner)
* Toggle 0.2 — GUI for 3D-printers suitable for embedded platforms. (Now written in Python)
* Octoprint (latest from Git) — The responsive web interface for your 3D printer
* CuraEngine (latest from git) — A fast G-code slicer

* Clutter 1.9.6
* Cogl-1.8.2
* Mx-2.0
* Mash-0.2

The new image has had a few beta-testers, but can still be considered a development image.

At least one guy is happy with this new image. To quote @jamisnemo:

@AgentBrum Oh boy have I fallen in love with Clutter!! Thank you so much for helping me getting this up and running! You are a life saver!!

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  1. Hahaha! You actually used that quote! I used this image to build out an addressable RGB LED control system for the lights on a Burning Man art car this year. It was a pretty rough time line and having this image really did save my butt!

    Once it gets back from the Playa I plan on writing up the project with a lot more about the build. For now, if you’re interested, you can check out the repo for the lighting rig here: https://github.com/JamesHagerman/clutter_window

    It should compile under OS X if you are able to get all the dependencies installed…

    You can check out a few more notes on the frustrations I had here: http://zenpirate.com/posts?utf8=%E2%9C%93&search=beaglebone

    Thanks again!

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