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We design and sell high end electronics for 3D-printers. Our control board comes with Klipper and Fluidd right out of the box. All you need to do is build the rest of the 3D printer…

User Friendly

A core part of our effort is towards creating a great user experience when getting started, using and upgrading the products.

Fast and Silent

By leveraging the industry leading TMC2209 stepper motor drivers we keep the sound level at a minimum. For speed, we have the option to upgrade to TMC2150.

Built to Last

A 3D printer gets hot and shaky. Our goal is to design products that can withstand that harsh environment for years and years.











Fully Integrated

Using an 8 layer PCB ensures we get great heat dissipation on all the high current parts. A fast 3D printer needs much current which in turn can heat things up if not careful. The 6 integrated stepper motor drivers on Recore runs cool with a minimum of fans.

Flexible by design

We have zero jumpers and zero fuses on the main board. It’s been designed to be software configurable in all aspects. It simplifies troubleshooting and minimizes the need for physical access to the board, once it has been installed.

Unique Architecture

The Allwinner A64 we have has a unique feature. It has a built in 300 MHz CPU that is dedicated to running the real-time aspect of the 3D printer. That makes it possible to run vanilla Linux on the main CPUs, while still keeping the stepper motors happy.

There’s nothing like a perfect print.

Even with 12 years in the 3D printer industry, we still get gleefully happy when a print comes out perfect. Anyone can press play on a 3D printer, but knowing the tradeoffs between speed and quality requires experience.

Ready to roll out?

We offer customization of all products to 3D printer manufacturers. If we can make it work with what we have, that’s great! If you need something custom, we can make changes to existing products.

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