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About Us

Intelligent Agent (Iagent) makes electronics and software for desktop 3D-printers using high-end components for highly integrated solutions. Our modern 3D-printer controller board runs on Linux and serves up OctoPrint, Fluidd or MainSail in a single affordable board. The Manga Screen 2 gives the printer a great user interface for controlling the printer away from a computer. We do prototyping in house and opt for large batches, keeping cost down quality up.

The company was founded in 2010, and since then has been working relentlessly to bring outstanding solutions to the 3D-printer community. We have done 3 Kickstarters, have been to numerous 3D-printer shows and have recently launched a new product (Recore) that can be a staple for several years to come. Happy printing!

Meet The Team

Øyvind Dahl

Co-founder and advisor

Øyvind is one of the founders of Intelligent Agent AS, and has now taken an advisory position.

Elias Bakken

Main Guy

Elias has the day to day responsibility for running the web shop, developing new products, support, accounting and sales.

Tom Andersson

Key Creative

Tom acts as the key creative for design and text writing for products and web. His background as a copywriter has given him a keen eye for esthetics.

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Please only business inquiries. For support, try Discord