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Recore A8 is now shipping!

After a long development cycle, Recore A8 is now finally shipping! Besides moving to new JST connectors, the focus for A8 has been on stability. Specifically by doubling the available current from the 5V step down converter from 4 A to 8 A, increasing the number of layers on the PCB from 6 to 8, and adding support for using the USB-C connectors as a true OTG.

We still have the market leading TMC2209 stepper motor drivers with good heat spread allowing high current to be drawn. The same with the input stage which is able to handle up to 30 A. Clever use of solid state power handling gives the board programmable over current protection which is both fast acting and incorporates over temperature.

The Allwinner A64 is still a great choice as the CPU (or SoC to be exact) since it is plenty powerful for a 3D printer, it has great upstream kernel support for all functionality and it has that integrated AR100 CPU giving us a fully fledged 300 MHz real time capabilities built into the silicon.

Recore A8 comes with Rebuild v1.0.1 pre-installed (the Fluidd version), but the user can choose to switch to MainSail or OctoPrint if they want.

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