Recore rev A6 is shipping

The development of Recore is moving along. The latest revision of the hardware is A6. The rate of change on the hardware development side of Recore is slowing down. That means it is almost perfect. The biggest changes from A5 to A6 are:

  • External r_sense resistors for the TMC2209s.
  • Better ESD protection for CE compliance
  • Single voltage domain for pull-ups, offsets and ADC.
  • Two 5V PWM outputs for easily adding BLtouch or servos.
  • Better testability and calibration (pull-up resistors are measured with HP3458A)
  • High speed capability on USB device port (A5 had full speed)
  • Less noisy thermocouple inputs.
An overview of the features of Recore

Recore is released as open schematic, so for those interested, the schematic is available in the Repository: https://github.com/intelligent-agent/Recore/tree/master/Schematics

Even more changes have happened on the software side. Refactor is now up to version 3.0.2, with 3.0.3 on the way. A quick rundown of the changes are:

  • Separate boot partition for better stability
  • A Separate tab in OctoPrint for installing Refactor to eMMC.
  • Automatic flashing of the MCU on first boot.

From v3.0.1 there were also a few changes:

  • Syncing Klipper with upstream
  • Github actions for building Refactor Recore and Replicape
  • Support for TMC2209
  • Better handling of restart for Recore.
  • Replicape uses latest official BeagleBoard image as staring point

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