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Toggle 1.0 Introduction video

Toggle 1.0
Finally I’ve made good on my promise to finish Toggle version 1.0, which was actually a reach goal for Manga Screen 😐

Toggle is a user interface (UI) for 3D-printers meant to be run on the printer. It has been designed for Manga Screen, but should be portable to other screens as well. The new version has a very nice (read fancy) way of switching between tabs, so it will be a joy to jog around on your printer. The great thing about thi software is that it is written using the Clutter SDK meaning that all the heavy lifting is one by the GPU of the BeagleBone Black. This is the same GPU that is in the iPhone 4, so it is actually quite capable. That means your delta printer will not start to stutter even though your are showing a model of what you are printing. You show me a 3D printer that can do that!

The new version can be installed for anyone running Kamikaze by writing:

apt-get update
apt-get install toggle

While in a shell, might I also suggest installing the brand new Toggle plugin for OctoPrint:

apt-get install python-octoprint-toggle

There are a lot fewer settings for Toggle than Redeem, but one setting that you need to alter is the api_key. In the video it is shown how to alter it. For reference, here is a minimal local.cfg file:

api_key = REPLACE_ME

For other settings, look at how the default.cfg looks. For feature requests, add them to the Trello board or to the Toggle repository .

Other things worth mentioning is that Toggle now uses WebSockets instead of SockJS, so it should be a bit faster and more stable. In all honesty there are a couple of bugs that would be great to squash before this release, but at least it is way better than the predecessor. Patches welcome : )

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