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End stop configuration for Redeem

Most of the Replicapes from the Kickstarter has now been delivered, and people are starting to try it out and getting into configuration. Great, but not for everyone! A lot of people seem to be having trouble with the end stop configuration, so I made a video explaining how it works.

It really not that difficult if one wants to use G-codes for it. These are the G-codes you’ll need:

M574 – this connects an end stop to one or more stepper motors. Use the form “M574 X1 x_cw” if you want end stop X1 to stop stepper X from going clockwise.

M270 – Set coordinate system, this might be useful for figuring out which axis does what on delta printers.

M206 – Set offset for each of the axes. After an end stop is hit, it will move to this offset. Remember that the travel distance can be negative, in which case, the offset would most likely be negative also.

M119 – Get current end stop state. Can also be used for inverting end stops. Non-inverted is NC switches, inverted is NO switches.

M569 – Set the direction of a stepper. You could just flip the connector, but where is the fun in that?

What is not yet implemented with a G-code interface is “travel” for each of the axes. This defines the direction and length each axis should search for an end-stop. Sometimes the end-stop is not located near the 0, 0 origin of the  of the bed, so you might try a negative travel value.



  1. Hi Elias! Just got my order from thing-print, no custom problems in the US. Haven’t hooked it up to a built printer but trying it part it seems to work great. Ill start helping with the code in the next few weeks. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for the fast reply!
    I got the endstop to work perfect.
    But there seems to be a problem with redeem.
    If I do a fresh install and just restart redeem the /dev/octoprint_1 disappear.

    And thus the Connect fails (Error: Failed to autodetect serial port, please set it manually.)
    Uploading a blank file called local.cfg does not change anything.
    As long as I don’t restart redeem everything seems to work. I can move the steppers and they stop at the endstops.
    A reboot doesn’t help. (I can reboot the entire BBB without problems before I manualy restart redeem)

    Have I missed something?
    I have some experience with Linux, but I do not have so much knowledge about the cape bussiness and octoprint/redeem inner workings.


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