Manga Screen second batch


It’s still summertime and the weather is high, but in the deep valleys of Shenzhen, three companies are hard at work and getting ready for the second batch of Manga Screens! Almost all the backers from the Kickstarter campaign have gotten their screens, only the party pack backers remain (again, if you are one of those ten backers or my sister, I will make it up to you).

Moar screens

There have been a lot of people saying they missed the campaign, but would love to get their hands on a Manga Screen! This whole time I’ve said they had to wait for the Kickstarter backers to get their rewards, before we start making a new batch. Well, now the beautiful backers have received their pledges, have vented their issues in the comments section and are hopefully being productive making cute embedded nonsense hacks with their shiny new jewels! So today, I’m adding 400 new Manga Screens to the web shop and telling the Chinese to fire up their engines for a new batch!

Even though they are listed as in stock, it is a pre-sale, so it will be about a month before delivery. I’ve written that down on the product page as well. Still, we’ve gotten a lot of requests both from individuals and companies looking to scoop up some screens, so get them while stocks last!

Big ups to the pixelbackers

I’m also using this opportunity to give the promised thank you to the pixelbacker of the campaign. Like it says on that reward page, you wanted to see the project succeed and it did and you helped with that, so Tom, my favourite marketing guy, thanks for all your work with the campaign and for the 80 kr that tipped the sum across the 300K line! Laird, you are a huge resource to a big number of hardware projects, so thanks a bunch for helping this along as well! Brian, your backing is hugely appreciated! Thanks for being such a great resource to all entrepreneurs and artists with a dream, you help that come true! Mattias, you crazy Swede, keep backing the tech projects you love! Allan, going on a rampage with backing I see! Great! Ping me when you have a new KS yourself, and I will contribute what I can! Dustin, too bad you could not get a screen, but thank you for pitching in to make this a reality at least! Fredrik, you are one of my oldest and best friends and so it’s wonderful to see you pull out your card and make a donation!

Get in touch

This picture is from one of New York monuments, the Brooklyn Bridge! Øyvind and I are staying there now so if you are in town look us up, we like coffee as much as the next guy and are always ready for a chat about hacking, 3D-printing and electronics!

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