Manga Screen 2 is coming to Kickstarter

The Kickstarter for Manga Screen has been postponed again and again, but now the first promotional video of the new screen is finally hitting the streets!

It’s a trailer for the Kickstarter, showing one of the applications that it can be used for. The application is called Karma-button, an app for giving creds to others in your makerspace. The screen has become a part of an installation in the entrace of Bitraf, where it is mounted on a plank with a lot of history. The video shows some of this history as well as the screen in use.
The Kickstarter will actually launch two similar screens, one 5.9″ 1080p screen and one 4.8″ 720p version. Both having cell-phone quality Sharp IPS LCD panels, HDMI input, Synpatics capacitive 10-finger touch chips using OCA bonding. Just like the previous Manga Screen, the USB is used for powering the screen, setting the backlight and for interfacing with the touch panel.
Comparing this with the previous Manga Screen, that was a 800×480 (SVGA) panel with a two touch FocalTech touch panel. The old Manga Screen is still way ahead of many of the offerings out there, but the two new screens will definitely be an improvement over existing solution.

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