Replicape rev B Kickstarter is live!

Replicape front page picture

The wait is over, folks! Replicape revision B is now live on Kickstarter! If you are reading this on Thing-printer.com, you probably know about Replicape, and are mostly interested in what’s new with Rev B compared to Rev A! Here is an overview.

B_vs_A_2In more human readable form, the most important update is the new stepper drivers. TMC2100 are slightly less powerful than the old DRV8825s, but offer a few advantages. There are now 8 different configurations for the decay modes, as well as the option of interpolation of micro stepping up to 256. In combination with a four layer PCB and a better stepper driver layout, this makes the driver more suitable all around.

Thomas Sanladerer did a test of the SilentStick that has the same drivers on them. His conclusions were very helpful in choosing the new drivers. Here is his review for reference:


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