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Replicape BBB-flasher ready for download

Yes! The Thing/Replicape BBB-flasher image is now finally ready for alfa testing!

This flasher image has everything you need for using the Replicape for controlling a 3D-printer or other CNC-machine. It’s a minimal Angstrom SystemD image with Redeem, Toggle, CuraEngine and Octoprint pre-installed. There is no X or Wayland due to the missing SGX drivers for it so there is plenty of room for STL files that can be sliced to G-code using CuraEngine.

Redeem is still at a beta-stage and Toggle is not even that, but I have included Toggle as well in the release of the image because it makes the whole eco-system more user friendly. With eco-system I mean the ability for easy upgrades from the users perspective and the ability for easy bug-fixing from a developers perspective.

The image is built with Yocto, so there are recipes available for all the software that is currently installed on the image. This makes it _fairly_ easy for anyone to reproduce this image and make similar type images of their own. I’m not saying is a piece of cake, but definitely doable.

The Replicapes have still not shipped. I fumbled the purchase order and the Chinese had some festivities a few weeks back, so the production was delayed, but the latest word from CircuitCo is that they will deliver in a couple of weeks and then we will send them out as soon as they arrive.

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